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A Bit About Us

We opened our doors in September 2017 with the goal of providing fresh, organic, seasonal foods. Our menu includes breakfast, salads, fresh made sandwiches, special coffee and deal meals.

We are also providing catering for special events.

What We Offer

Brunch@73 offers a catering service for special occasions, private events and large social gathering. We can help to make your Buffets, Canapés, Sit Down Meals, Weddings, Children’s Parties an unforgettable occasion. Please visit our catering page and get in touch!

The Menu
  • Toast with Butter...£1.40
  • Porridge...£1.60
  • 2 Eggs on Toast...£3.50
  • English Breakfast...£6.50
  • Cheese & Branston Pickle Sandwich...£3.00
  • Cheese, Avocado, Tomato Sandwich...£3.20
  • Ham, Cheese, Mustard Sandwich...£3.20
  • Egg Mayo & Salad Sandwich...£3.20
  • Tuna , Mayo, Cheese, Red Onion Panini...£4.00
  • Mozzarella, Tomato & Green Pesto Panini...£4.00
  • Brie, Bacon, Avocado, Cranberry Sauce Panini...£4.50
  • Chicken Escalope, Tomatoes, Cheese, Mayo Panini...£4.50
  • Brunch Salad...£4.00
  • Italian Salad...£4.50
  • Make Your Own...£4.50
  • Espresso...£1.50
  • Americano...£1.70 - 2.00
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